Miracle Man Scott Pribyl

A True Story of Beating the Odds and Cheating Death

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Do you know anyone facing, or has faced, major surgery, illness, disease, or other life­ changing personal/financial situation? Does that person need hope, inspiration, spiritual grace, and the sheer will to keep going?

Author, Scott Pribyl also describes, how he lost fifty pounds in less than 2 months! (1990, age 35; and he has kept the weight off 25 years, now age 61!)

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The Author of this True Story, Scott Pribyl, incurred a Section A Aortic Dissection in 2008, at age 53. An injury that causes death within a few hours 90%-95% of the time.

After more than 7 years, Mr. Pribyl has made a comeback and he describes his journey, and reliance, ultimately, on Faith, as his body and Spirit healed. Some famous people who have succumbed to Aortic dissections include Actor John Ritter, Actress Lucille Ball, and Scientist Albert Einstein.

Mr. Pribyl also realized, as he recovered, that any form of severe loss a person might incur: injury, illness, disease, or personal losses like financial, career, divorce, unexpected death, etc.; seem to follow his own experiences, which includes a few of the above mentioned life threatening/changing events.

Mr. Pribyl includes a guide to his personal weight loss plan- which has worked for him since 1990. He lost 50 pounds in less than 2 months, and has kept the weight off- more than 25 years!

That part of this book is a True BONUS!

If anyone has incurred significant ‘Loss’, or wants to lose weight and keep it off, easily, with no products or programs to buy, MIRACLE MAN: Beating the Odds, Cheating Death is a MUST read!

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